Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Joe McNally Lighting Workshop

View the above image in rotating 360°

Joe McNally Lighting Workshop
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Joe McNally, photojournalist and lighting expert, came to the Boston area to deliver a seminar/workshop to the Commercial Industrial Photographers of New England. The photo above is a 360° panoramic stitched image of Joe demonstrating how to light the model. This is the equirectangular projection 2:1 ratio. To see this in full 360° rotation, visit my virtual tour page of this image.

I'm sure that like me, you'll want to purchase some of the cool gear you see all around in the image. Be sure to give Mark Astmann, Product Manager at Bogen Imaging, a call (201.818.9500) or Email Mark, and he'll hook you up with the right stuff.

Joe also published his book, The Moment it Clicks, and he generously shares his knowledge about how the photographs were lit and taken.


Rob Oresteen said...

Cool blog. I'm glad I found it. Bookmarking it now...


Rob Oresteen

Fotografo said...

Wow really nice panorama.
I can see all the set.

avenfoto said...

too cool.... very impressed..

now if only you see the end result..

Martin said...

I found your blog from Strobist. Great pics. Bookmarked you for sure!