Monday, October 26, 2009

A Personalized Family Portrait - Holiday Season Special - $195

It’s a hassle to bring the family to the mall for holiday pictures,
especially when the kids are active, or you want to include your pet
in the photo. The backgrounds and props are limited and your pictures
end up looking like other people’s.

>So this season, we want to offer you another option:

Invite us over to your home where we can create a very personalized
photograph of your family with your favorite items & pets. You can
include your instruments, gear, antiques, equipment, and special items
in the picture with you. The holidays are ideal because everyone will
be home.

It takes about an hour and you get to keep the digital pictures (try
asking for the digital files at the mall). The kids can relax at
home until they are needed to step into the picture. Best of all, this
is professional photography brought to the convenience of your home.

This type of portrait is not for everyone. But if you are adventurous,
fun, and just plain nostalgic, then we want to work with you.

Here are some examples of family portraits:

Here’s the “Fine Print”
  • We’ll shoot for about 30 minutes, creating various group combinations
  • We’ll use some area of your home, or nearby, as the background but
  • we can also bring a cloth background.
  • We’ll transfer all the photos to your computer before we leave
  • You can order professional prints & holiday cards online if you
  • prefer not to print them yourself
  • Photo retouching is available at $5 per image, with delivery within a few days
  • This offer expires January 31, 2010

Call Carlton or Ann to schedule your appointment:

Carlton: 781-275-0923 (Bedford, MA)
Ann: 508-887-1460 (Worcester, MA)

Thanks for your help and business referrals this holiday season!
-Carlton & Ann